Thinking About Installing an Automated Gate?

Automatic gate systems offer a great way to control access to the premises and allow the driver of the vehicle to stay warm (or cool) and dry.  There are many many different automatic gate operators.  Automatic Slide gate operators, swing gate operators, overhead gate operators and barrier gate operators.

Then you have Rack operastors hydraluc gate operators, chain and rail electric gate operators. DC gate operators, 1 hp electric gate operators.  Oh, and lets not forget solar powered automatic gate systems.

How will you get in and out the the property?  Remote transmitters? Key fobs, proximity readers or maybe a keypad or a telephone entry system.  How will you leave the property?  The same method as how you went in? or maybe a exit loop?

What about safety?  A photo Beam?  safety and shadow loops? or maybe even a safety edge.

There are lots of questions to ask when purchasing a automatic gate system.  Sometimes you can purchase what you need on line and you are good to go.  But also consider a professional installation or at least purchase the items from a place that allows you to discuss your specific needs and let them present you with your options.

Automatic gate systems are great.  But be sure you address all the possible needs so that you have a gate system that will work for years.

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